Career Counselling, Coaching and Advice

Career Counselling, Coaching and Advice

Choosing a career is one of our most significant life decisions and is an important part of mental health and wellbeing. So how do we find a career that is fulfilling and the best fit for our personality, interests, values and our life goals?

Career guidance counsellors, recruitment consultants, and employers use the Person-Work Environment Fit model to identify which roles and work environments are most suitable for each job seeker.   Career counselling is focussed exploring each person’s unique personality, professional skills and interests and creating a career plan and practical strategies that will help them achieve their personal career goals.  

Tracey has post graduate training in career assessment and counselling and utilises a range of assessment techniques and tools to explore each person’s personal, work and education history. Complex psychological or health issues, and previous negative work experiences can impact our career journey. Tracey has expertise in combining psychological treatment with career counselling to support clients who would like to address such issues in the context of their work and career progression.

Download: Sample Strong Interest Inventory

Career counselling can help people from all walks of life including:

  • People who would like to change career or return to the work after a break;
  • Professionals who want to explore career progression and maximises their career potential;
  • Students who need advice on study and career choices;
  • University graduates who need help getting into the workforce.

Career counselling can also help assess potential career earnings and identify which industries are stable, growing, or in decline.  Ultimately, the career we choose is a vital part of our personal hopes and dreams, so if your dream is to do something unique like join Cirque du Soleil or become an Astronaut, maybe you just have to go for it, because the career journey is just as important as the destination!

Career counselling, coaching and advice is provided via Telehealth videocall.

Please contact Tracey to discuss your career goals.